Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Cuckoo Season.

Cuckoo. David Cookson.

There's a Cuckoo season upon us and thank goodness we can see and enjoy one of the many birds world wide which are cause for concern regarding falling numbers and why. I have no intention of ever stopping singing the praises of some stunning photographs I'm given access to from the many people who know how to use a camera. The photograph of the Cuckoo currently in residence at Cockers Dyke on the Fylde Coast is illustrated to brilliant effect by David who sent me this image void of any request to do so. The shot shows this bird diving which it can do from around 40 ft up on a telegraph wire to take a caterpillar ten dives out of ten.

There is another amazing photograph of a Cuckoo in our area on the LDBWS website. This particular picture is - in my opinion - unique and I strongly recommend you take a look HERE click on 'Bird News' then  'Photos' and 'That's My Baby' to make up your own mind just how amazing it really is.  

Marsh Harriers. Peter Guy.

And on the subject of excellent photographs, here's another of those  - under license- pictures of the young Marsh Harriers in the nest....Thanks very much for this Peter.

Arctic Tern. Gary Jones.

This one is another example of some creative 'fixing' I did of Gary's Arctic Terns. Thanks for this Gary, I know you like it because you said so when I showed you the preview.

And finally....

Blackpool Air Show. Gary Jones.

As a little relief from the birds we are more used to on Birds2blog here's two real live people  - well four actually if you include the pilots - who took part in a particularly brilliant air show at Blackpool last Sunday which was apparently attended by 100,000 people at what must be the best seaside resort of its kind anywhere in Europe and probably beyond in my opinion. Thanks Gary, this was a thrilling hour watching thrilling people in thrilling flying machines, Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire, Hurricane, and the famous Red Arrows to mention just some.


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