Saturday, 4 June 2011

First the good news.

Whether or not you live in the same area of Lancashire as me - but especially if you do - you'll love this. Maybe you'll also see the mention of someones name you know/recognise. It's excellent news and you will welcome what you read about HERE

Now the bad news....

....which is something you won't enjoy reading - I didn't either - but you must. This country is a member of the EU and for this reason alone something could/should be done to at least try to halt THIS appalling 'sport' once and for all. The EU Birds Directive has created a far-reaching protection framework for all of Europe's wild birds. There are a number of components to this scheme which Member States have to transpose and enforce through their national system.
Having seen for yourself yet again, as one example from hundreds of them year in year out, Malta appears to make little if any progress in halting this terrible business of blasting birds from out the sky. This is the 21st century we live in and it's time the hunters of Malta - and elsewhere - moved into it too and to hell with what their 'dads and grandads' did....but they obviously love it anyway and the traditions live on and thrive in 2011.

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