Thursday, 23 June 2011

No Apologies!

I make no apologies whatsoever in posting the following article as a 'gap filler' for Birds2blog. It is by far the best article on the subject I've read in ages - for all the wrong reasons - it is quite long but a must read for anyone with a gram of interest in wildlife and in particular the birds in this tragic story of a tragic country. If we'd like people to call us birders in all its aspects, and in the true sense of the word, then to read this article is almost by order. The starting point for Gavin's story about one mans experience in the 'Theatre of Tragedy'  is HERE

On a much lighter note and still in the real world....

Kittiwake. Gary Jones.

A couple of examples of what I call real and excellent bird photography, with the Kittiwake at its nest and three chicks, and....

Puffin. Gary Jones.

Puffins on the Farnes. Thanks for these, carry on enjoying, and keep up the good work GJ 

I've not been birding since Monday....'other things' again....NOT GOOD, but hopefully tomorrow in the company of JB/BT.


Warren Baker said...

Totally unacceptable Pete - Bloody hunters I hate them, in any country.

Also unacceptable is the trashing of the British countryside by the ''tidying up brigade'' and over tidy farmers/landowners. Just as much is killed, but its not so in your face as when done with a shotgun! Then there's the speeding cars down country lanes.....Oh dont get me started !!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent response as ever Warren, straight to the point with some added 'not so in your face' comments....Thanks.