Saturday, 9 February 2013

....and a bonus bird too!

I got a couple of hours in on Thursday and collected a nice bonus into the bargain.

Twite Geoff Gradwell  

The walk from Fluke Hall to Cockers Dyke was worth the effort if only to find 55 Twite there. This area is usually excellent particularly for observing gulls but they had deserted here today and my only other notes were of a single Bar-tailed Godwit and single Knot a little unusual on both counts, a Little Egret was also here. Thanks for the Twite on the railings at knott End Geoff.

Now the bonus bird was about to appear....

Chiffchaff Ana Minguez

Back at Fluke Hall I went behind the car park area hedgerow and immediately noticed half a dozen birds, amongst them a Dunnock, Robin, and Blackbird, but wait a minute what's this....its a 'warbler'. The bird gave me the run-around for 45 minutes during which time - although it was a flighty thing - I did get some good views and in the end I decided it was a Chiffchaff, though to be honest I tried a couple of times to make it something otherwise. Thanks for the Chiffchaff Ana. 

I didn't really have much time on my hands today, but couldn't resist calling in at Cockersands for a half hour or so but only managed a Little Egret on Plover Scar, and a solitary Fieldfare on the wires near the Lighthouse Cottage, and the Whooper Swans were still in the field off Moss Lane as I drove past. 

Ex Seal. Pete Woodruff.

On Wednesday I found another corpse at Cockersands, last time a Porpoise, this time a Seal. Until someone wants to correct me if necessary, I see this as a young headless Grey Seal

Starling Warren Baker  

I reckon this excellent photograph of the humble Starling makes the bird a much more attractive creature than we really give it credit for, the light reflected off the snow enhances this birds plumage to good effect. Thanks Warren.

And the non-bird pic for this post....

Who Dares Wins Gary Jones  

GJ's excellent image of the Tiger getting its teeth into lunch watched by this super brave Robin. Thanks Gary, I hope you don't mind my caption which I thought quite appropriate.


Adam said...

that's a brave bird

Warren Baker said...

55 Twite, worth a trip out on any day pete, never seen one myself.

Noushka said...

A great choice of pictures, Pete!
I haven't managed to get close enough to Starlings yet, unfortunately!
The Tiger with this little Robin is amazing!
Why would he tiger bother to show his teeth to such a small creature?!
Cheers, enjoy your WE!

Christian said...

A Chiffchaff! Spring is on it's way, Pete! I agree, the starling is a stunner.

Pete Woodruff said...