Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lets Celebrate!

Like the new royal baby George, if you haven't heard about this yet, I reckon you've just landed here from Mars. 
Hen Harrier. Image Andy Hay.

It's something of an irony that Andy Hays image is that of a male Hen Harrier carrying nesting material.

I'm about to break one of the Golden Rules I made on the day I started Birds2blog in November 2008, one was to avoid controversy, another was bad language, and there are more. So the warning is....if you're easily offended by so called foul language then I think you should leave or perhaps shouldn't be here in the first place. The truth is....

'The Hen Harrier In England Is Fucked'.

Instead of being offended by language, try getting offended by the news that not one single successful Hen Harrier has nested in England this year. That should be worthy of your being offended and outraged much more than the one word I used in my post above. 

I won't make any comments about the RSPB regarding the Hen Harrier issue....not this time. But rather, I think their press release is as good as any other press release on the subject and you can read it HERE

Two words are - in my personal opinion - the best course for at least trying to control the continuing slaughter of birds of prey....vicarious liability. But meanwhile, decades of relentless persecution of the Hen Harrier and other birds of prey have paid off with the goal being reached. Celebrations will be the order of the day amongst the 'Guardians of the Countryside' and this really is.... 



Martin Jump said...

I share your utter disgust and agree with everthing you say Peter.

Pete Woodruff said...

I just knew you would Martin....THANK YOU.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
All our petition signing, and letters of outrage have done nothing. Bloody shooting fraternity backed by their government/royal friends, just stick two fingers up at us!

Red Kites will be the next on the list.

Christian said...

It's a joke. A pathetic state of affairs and we, as a nation should be ashamed. The only chink of light is how well they are doing on the IOM.

Sharon Whitley said...

Very sad to read - utterly disgusted, thank you for bringing it to our attention