Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tour de Conder/Glasson/Cockersands.

For some reason or other I felt yesterday was going to be a day something good would turn up, and when I arrived at Glasson Dock three hours after the tide to view the Lune Estuary I thought maybe it would.

 Golden Plover. Richard Pegler.

It didn't take long to realise a large number - roughly estimated at something like 10,000 birds - were viewable on here - waders and gulls combined - and goodness knows how many out of view. But despite a good grilling in excess of an hour a Ruff mingling with c.2,000 Dunlin and a similar number of Redshank was my best shot. A conservative estimate was of at least 5,000 Lapwing, and it was good to see my first decent count of c.220 Golden Plover back in the area, a number of Curlew were present but not counted, a Little Egret was also noted. 

Earlier in the day I had called at Conder Green but the creeks were underneath the tide leaving Conder Pool to check. Since 22 July for the past nine visits here, the first bird I've seen on the pool has been the Little Egret with 14 counted on the 27 July, a Little Egret was here again today, with Spotted Redshank, a Greenshank, and Common Sandpiper. Also of note, 2 Little Grebe were new on here one being a juvenile, also new on here were 2 Teal my first this autumn, with the resident 2 Wigeon and Goldeneye, 42 Redshank, c.70 Lapwing, and another female Tufted Duck, this one with seven chicks.     

Greenfinch. Richard Pegler.

At Cockersands I checked Plover Scar at high tide to find, 110 Dunlin, 24 Oystercatcher, 6 Ringed Plover, and a solitary Turnstone. The biggest surprise here was a Common Sandpiper on the scar, a first in my records as I've never seen one on here before, 2 Eider were off here. Another surprise for today was a flock of at least 15 Greenfinch, my best count since I don't know when, the only butterfly of note was a single Gatekeeper

My thanks go to Richard Pegler for the Golden Plover and Greenfinch....Thanks Richard  

A couple of Lancashire sightings for today Wednesday 7 August courtesy of RARE BIRD ALERT 

An Osprey flew over Brockholes LWT at 3.00pm. 
A female Common Scoter on Alston No 2 Reservoir at 8.00pm.


Adam said...

cute little bird

Warren Baker said...

Ha! Pete, I more often than not think ''today'' is going to be a good day, and i'm nearly always wrong :-)

It gets me out of bed though!

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam....Thanks, I think you mean the Golden Plover.

Warren....I like your style, honest I do....and thanks.