Monday, 14 October 2013

A Walk In The Park.

No birding since Thursday, maybe tomorrow, after which not looking good again for can be such a bitch!

But a stroll with KT through the woodland areas of Williamson Park yesterday produced my first Redwing with a 'few' mainly hidden from view in the thick on the Yew berries. Also at least 2 Song Thrush which were a more welcome sight than the former thrush having the distinction of being on the Red List, with 3 Jay, 2 Treecreeper, and Blackbird noted. 

The Long-tailed Blue.

Long-tailed Blue. Marc Heath.

A rare migrant from Europe, the Long-tailed Blue butterfly - male above - has bred at several sites along the south coast of England this year raising the hope that the species may be attempting to colonise southern England. 

Long-tailed Blue. Marc Heath.

Having arrived on the south coast in August this year, the first home grown young recently emerged. The Long-tailed Blue - female above - has bred in the UK occasionally before but never over such an area as this year.

Clifden Nonpareil. Paul Harris. 

Some impressive looking moths are also believed to be colonising the UK with sightings of the brilliant Clifden Nonpareil Catocala fraxini in the south of England. This moth is the largest and most magnificent of all the underwing moths, a group having vivid underwing flashes, this one boasts a striking blue wing flash.

Many thanks to Marc Heath and Paul Harris at UK Moths for three excellent 'clik the pik' images.

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