Monday, 15 September 2014

The Short Post.

Not a short post as in fence post, but a short post 'cos it was little more than an hour long wander along the coast at Rossall Point yesterday following one of those compromises with KT, that if we went to Fleetwood for any other reason it had to include the aforementioned wander for me to have my necessary birding fix.

Eventually 3 Wheatear were seen on the golf course, but better still was to follow when I picked out one of those brilliant little gems the Whinchat which instantly made my day....well it would wouldn't it.

Sanderling Martin Jump 

At least 130 Sanderling were on the shingle at high tide, with probably 50 Ringed Plover and similar Dunlin, with a 'few' Turnstone, all unmercifully disturbed by too many people with too many mutts running riot. But by now I was a happy man, I'd seen one of my most favourite of birds the Whinchat, and one of my most favourite waders the Sanderling....Thanks for the image Martin. 

Grey Seal Arkive 

As a bonus two Grey Seal were close inshore off the Observation Tower. 

If it's birds it doesn't take much to please me....and all I needed was an hour!!

The Conder Common Terns.

An adult feeding two juvenile Common Tern were reported at Cockersands yesterday, almost certainly the Conder Green birds.

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