Friday, 20 November 2015

....But The Mute Swans Are Missing.

On Monday's visit the Spotted Redshank and Common Sandpiper put in an appearance, and I noted 120 Mallard on Conder Pool, but with all the birds washed out of the creeks yesterday at Conder Green I had to look down the Conder channel from the iron bridge to find a Ruff with 32 Redshank, on Conder Pool the count was 12 Little Grebe.

On the Lune Estuary from Bodie Hill, at least 5,000 Lapwing, 2,500 Wigeon, 800 Golden Plover, and 200 Dunlin. A curious little mixed gaggle of geese together on Colloway Marsh was of 4 Greylag, 2 Pink-footed Geese, a Canada Goose, and 2 'farmyard whites'. 

Having seen 32 Black-tailed Godwit off Crook Farm, in relation to the weather, the Cockersands visit was déjà vu of Monday's experience and I submitted to defeat.


Goldeneye. Howard Stockdale.

There's no sign of any Goldeneye yet on the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock where they are always to be found by early November, though I saw two last year on 29 October, then four here by 4 November. 

I've also noticed recently, the Mute Swans are missing from the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock where monthly peak counts can reach up to 100 birds, with not a single one seen yesterday, and none to be found along Jeremy Lane, Lower Thurnham, and Moss Lane towards Cockersands which is where they are usually to be seen when they switch locations from the estuary.

A Garden First.

We had another garden first yesterday when KT sent a text to tell me of a Jay on the feeders....nice one.

Thanks to Howard and Martin for their respective excellent pictures.

The definition of success is to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. There is certainly no lack of enthusiasm on your part !! Maybe the relatively mild weather has delayed bird movements and the current cold snap will get them on the move again. I remember those record numbers of goldeneye at Glasson Dock last winter and look forward to their return. Well done with the jay..I have a couple visiting every day coming for peanuts.Again a little late, last year they were coming daily in October.Well done Pete and I look forward to your regular reports from Glasson and Cockerham areas.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for the encouraging words....'no lack of enthusiasm on your part'....much appreciated Brian.