Wednesday, 11 July 2012


It's been a struggle to find the butterflies so far this summer with no need to go into the reason why. Tomorrow (Thursday) looks good weatherwise so things may change then. Meanwhile, until I have the time to post the second half of my birding experiences for Monday last, here are some excellent images of a trio of butterflies with some brief notes - only one of which you'll find locally if you live in the same area of the world as I do - all of which are taken by one of my men in Kent Marc Heath who I thank very much, which reminds me....I must enquire if my permit needs to be renewed!

White Admiral. Marc Heath.

The White Admiral is a Priority Species for conservation due to the continuation of habitat loss - nothing new there then - it prefers shady woodland and woodland rides in mature woodlands with sunny glades of Bramble, it occurs across southern Britain, spreading rapidly since the 1920's.

Small Blue. Marc Heath.

The Small Blue is the smallest native British butterfly and another Priority Species for conservation, its main habitat are dry sheltered areas of grassland where Kidney Vetch grows. In Scotland it is also in decline though its strongholds remain along the Angus coast and Moray Firth.

Purple Hairstreak. Marc Heath.

The Purple Hairstreak lives in self-contained colonies in woodland where Oak trees occur. In my area of North Lancashire it can/could - for example - be found in Eaves Wood and Gait Barrows NNR the full access of which requires a permit, though it does have public paths. 



Mike said...

Marc's photos make for a nice series.

Pete Woodruff said...

Marc will be pleased with your comment....his work is consistently excellent.

Thanks for your daily look in on Birds2blog, much appreciated Mike.

Frank said...

Super pics of three specials from Marc.

Sightings of anything around here have been very thin on the ground.

Warren Baker said...

Only got Flutter pics myself today Pete (12th) Not of Marcs quality though :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for comments Frank/Warren, much appreciated and I always try to say so.

Marc Heath said...

Many thanks for the nice comments, always nice and welcome. Keep up the good work Pete.

Pete Woodruff said...

The thanks are mine too Marc, it all helps to keep Birds2blog alive, colourful, and interesting....hopefully.