Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mega Time!

Rufescent Tiger Heron. Colin Bushell.

With thanks to Colin Busell for the photograph of the Rufescent Tiger Heron in Peru where he is currently searching out the birds/wildlife.

Its MEGA TIME now and the RBA pager is going nuts and the list - including some omissions - at the moment in the UK stands like this....

Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler 1908 Dublin.
Yellow-breasted Bunting 1905 Norfolk.
Black-eared Wheatear 1875 Lancashire.
Hermit Thrush 1975 Shetland, Fair Isle.
Green Heron 1889 Cornwall.

Of course all these birds carry with them an interesting history and first UK records are noted above. The Green Herons (GE) first record is obviously interesting in that it was recorded in the very same county as the one there at the moment, that of Cornwall way back in 1889, but the record was later removed from the British List as the birds ability to cross the Atlantic Ocean was doubted, but apparently four days after this bird had been seen on 27 October 1889 two American Bitterns were seen in Ireland and regarded - in connection with the GH - as 'surely not just a coincidence'. The record of the GH had to wait until 1971 before it was resubmitted to the BOURC who subsequently accepted it onto the British List.

Another old record is that of the Black-eared Wheatear the first of which was in 1875 near Bury in Lancashire. Another bird of this species was that of one in Sussex on 28 May 1902 but this individual was involved in the famous 'Hastings Rarities Affair' and was therefore later dismissed. 

It is interesting - though sad - that many of these old records involve birds having been shot in the days when we obviously had a need to become more civilised and caring for our birds and wildlife, even more sad is the fact we still need to rid ourselves of some people who are remnants of the days when wildlife didn't seem to count as the very dear MR KISIEL who I think you should read about, and about who and what I made a comment, on which I have a feeling you may agree with.


Warren Baker said...

that bloke needs a good Kicking in. I'm sure a collection would be fast accumulating for such a purpose, anyone know any mercenary thugs ?

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Warren, always in there first with a hard hitting - straight to the point - response, and one of the things I like about you.

Colin Bushell said...

Glad you liked the RTH Pete. Been browsing your blog during the Peru tour and now you get a reader from the Netherlands (in Schiphol on my home).

BTW - I'm doing a Peru talk for the Fylde Bird Club on 26th Oct in case anyone's interested. Apologies for the plug!

Colin Bushell said...

A sort of "Birds2Clog" I suppose. Sorry Pete.
Regards from Schiphol.

Pete Woodruff said...

Well if Birds2blog can generate the interest for you to browse from Peru that's good enough for me Colin and thanks a bundle.

One or two Lapland Buntings for you to search for when you get home, and MEGA'S are turning up like nobody's business at the moment too.

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh yes, Birds2Clog....took a while for the penny to drop on that one Colin, it's my age you see, but Schiphol, Dutch, Clog....great stuff Colin.

Dave Bickerton said...
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Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh....'comment deleted by the author' who didn't want to do a rewrite....pity!