Friday, 8 October 2010


Another forced four days 'off the road' with 'Homework' of sorts to be done. No wall to wall birding seven days a week for this birder I'm afraid. So take a look at these three subjects I chose at random, I hope you find them interesting as I certainly did, and by the way, my comments are not to be read as patronising, just plain facts in plain English.

Willow Tit. David Cookson.

I've met some great people - birders and photographers - over my birding years and David Cookson is one of 'em and I appreciate the fact I'm able to liven up and show some brilliant photographs of his on Birds2blog. This one of the Willow Tit which he had the good fortune to visit his garden recently....lucky him, a bird extinct on our area in North Lancashire and beyond, go out and find one today for yourself and become famous overnight to prove they've all be wrong and that the Willow Tit is alive and well in the Lancaster and District Birdwatching Society recording area. Please take a look HERE  if you'd like to see some more stunning photography....Thanks David.

Meadow Pipit. Phil Slade.

I look in on Phil's website on a daily basis and came across this photograph of the Meadow Pipit. This picture takes the bird a step beyond it's status of a very common, widespread, and abundant species and lifts this individual to a higher plain thanks to this stunning photograph, and there's more HERE ....Thanks Phil.   

5 Colour Weave Wheel. Richard Shilling.

Richard Shilling has been out in the great outdoors again and created his latest masterpiece. One or two  visitors to Birds2blog have thanked me for pointing them in the direction of Richards art and I'm pointing you once again to this brilliant creation. Whether or not you know of this mans work I strongly recommend you take a look at 5 Colour Weave Wheel and not only his art but on this occasion his words which accompany it....quite a revelation I found. Thanks for this Richard you continue to amaze me and I know you'll do it again soon.


Bobolink on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire at 9.15am with no boats today....can I borra yer helicopter mister!


Richard Shilling said...

Hey Pete, that's a nice wagon wheel you are displaying there!

I was delighted to see two male Stonechats this evening along the UU track by Langden Brook. I thought it was unusual to see two males so my guess was one was a juvenile now showing adult plumage? Don't know if that is right but there were definitely two males flying together. Not seen any in a while so it brought a smile.


Pete Woodruff said...

Hey Rich....that certainly is a nice wagon wheel and I really do need to meet up with you if only to collect your autograph. Seriously excellent stuff the wagon wheel though.

Also excellent stuff are the two Stonechats you saw at Langden Brook, and you're right about 'unusual' two males together but there you go.

As ever, good to hear from you Rich.