Thursday, 23 July 2015

If At First You Don't Succeed.

Look, this is serious stuff....

Open for British citizens and UK residents to sign, Mark Avery has given a rebirth to a petition to 'Ban Driven Grouse Shooting'....if at first you don't succeed try, try, try again! 

Mark Avery created the same petition last year, the truth is it was a resounding failure. It achieved little more than a pitiful 22,000 signatures out of 100,000 needed for the petition to be considered for debate in Parliament, that's a staggering c.78,000 shortfall, and if that's not a resounding failure I don't bloody know what is. 

Where were all the RSPB members and wildlife loving millions for goodness sake, at that rate why would a second run be any different than the last one. The count of signatures on the petition last time I looked a few minutes ago stood at a paltry 3,605, and my prediction is that this will be a bigger failure than the last one.

Dr Mark Avery

Anyway enough of this, I'm just passing on the news that the petition is up and running again, and the Hen Harriers champion Mark Avery is asking you to sign it as a step in the direction of their protection from persecution which is bringing about their extinction. 

Please consider signing Here....I have!

By the way....

Mark Avery has a new book out - Inglorious - you may like to read a review about it Here then go out and buy it. 


Warren Baker said...

Signed again!

Gary Jones said...

Signed also

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Warren/Gary.

Lets hope at least another 96,000 do the same to get a debate in parliament, though not looking all that good to date, I just took a look at the total which stands at a paltry 4,300, thousand should have already signed with enthusiasm.

Paul Foster said...

Yeah thanks for that Peter..just signed..up to 4500 now!

Noushka said...

Hi Pete,
Yes, it is a tragedy that humans are perpetually in conflict with nature and it seems it can only get worse with the demographic pressure and immigration of cultures to better places where to live.
We are at the edge of the cliff and I can't see how we can reverse... too many are obsessed with money and anything goes even if it against nature and on the long run...... ourselves.
Also, I think people are a bit fed up with too much info on bad news regarding nature and probably too many petitions even if they are very relevant like this one but I sincerely hope I am wrong...
Enjoy your weekend and outings

Noushka said...

Thanks for your interesting comment about 'my' avocets!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Paul....Thanks, the count now stands at 4,673 as at 11.25am Saturday 25 July.

Noushka....Words well spoken, thank you for this.