Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Weasel and other things!

Weasel. David Cookson.

I don't ever recall seeing an image of the Weasel taken by someone I know and in any case this has to be the best you'll ever see of a creature difficult to find and see let alone photograph. I think you excelled yourself here David....great stuff, and many thanks.

Notes of interest for today....

There is - and has been for a day or so recently -  a significant movement of Rough-legged Buzzard through the UK. I've done no searching for when this happened last but this one is certainly notable with 'several' birds seen. Locally the bird making a name for itself is a Red-breasted Goose, initially found on Fluke Hall Lane NW of Pilling, and later on Pilling Marsh. On all sightings the bird has taken up the company of Pink-footed Geese. On a personal note, involved with 'other things' but with my birding eyes firmly in place in their sockets, I saw a Little Grebe from a moving car this morning on the River Lune just upstream from Carlisle Bridge, and in the afternoon saw c.25 Fieldfare flying NE over Skerton in Lancaster. There are still lots of Lapland Buntings in the country, and the Waxwings are here and have also been showing themselves in fair number, the nearest of which at the time of writing are/were in Kendal. 

OK, so this post is my latest gap filler until I free myself from the chains of 'other things' and get out birding again. There's some interesting reading about the state of seabirds in the UK which tells us of the good....the bad....and some all time lows in the breeding season of 2010 HERE



Warren Baker said...

I'm hoping for a Waxwing to grace my patch this year Pete. Would be a great patch tick :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

They're on their way Warren....promise!

David Cookson said...

Spent this gorgeous Sunday in a factory yard in Bolton, where three Waxwing have been present over the past three days - alas they have changed their Post Code.

Pete Woodruff said... we can expect to see some stunning images of Waxwing pretty soon then David. Pity about the change of post code.

Another good day again tomorrow (Monday) but make the most of it if you can as its about to disappear and make way for some of that wet and windy stuff.

Your 'Weasel' looks great at the head of this post, and thanks for looking in David.

Pete Woodruff said...

Have just had a run through the recent comments and having re-read yours re the Waxwings in the factory yard in Bolton I realise the birds had moved on before your arrival, hence your remark about their change of post code David.

So no pics of them after all....Arrrrgh!