Friday, 13 July 2012

Snowed Under!

Well no....not snowed under with the weather, but you have to wonder if that's the way we're heading and perhaps we'll soon be out and about birding up to our ankles in snow some July soon.


I'm actually snowed under with images from the many photographers that have accumulated over the years, who allow me to use their photographs on Birds2blog, a situation which has all of us being winners in that the pictures liven up the blog for my benefit, whilst promoting excellent photography to their benefit. You'd be amazed at the number of visitors who leave this blog to visit photographers who have a blog of their own. All three of the images in this post are courtesy of Peter Guy with my many thanks.

I was prompted to post this photograph of the Spoonbill recently seen from the Griesdale Hide at Leighton Moss, because I received a message this afternoon telling me of two Spoonbills  seen by the Lighthouse Cottage at Cockersands last Saturday 7 July ....I think this is called 'Getting The News Out'.

Common Terns.

These Common Terns - seen in the process of a Sand Eel food pass - are at Preston Dock were good numbers breed these days thanks to some excellent work by volunteers in providing the birds with suitable nesting platforms complete with old rubber tyres which actually serve as the nest. The Preston Dock Common Terns are currently in the news due to some celebrations in the city which I highlighted in my post Preston Guild

Red Deer.

PG's last photograph is another one taken from the Griesdale Hide and shows a young Red Deer calf showing its leaping abilities on the reed edge. This hide at Leighton Moss offers the visitor one of the best opportunities to see these brilliant creatures often at close range. 

I'D SOONER BE BIRDING!....But its still not going to happen yet, not on anything like a regular basis at any rate.

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Mike said...

Pete, I think your observations and reports along with good photography, even if on loan, are a receipe for success with your blog, very enjoyable to stop by.