Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fire Away.

The results from a Breeding Birds Survey have shown that the numbers of four wader species have fallen drastically, this according to the BTO. 

Snipe. Brian Rafferty.

In the case of the Snipe this fall between 2010 and 2011 is by far the highest at there's a surprise.

Golden Plover 3
Golden Plover. Brian Rafferty.

In a week or so the Snipe can and will be shot within the law, but here's the surprise for probably most of you because the Golden Plover can also be shot within the same law as it is also on the list of legitimate couldn't make it up could you. 

So.... shouldn't we be asking the question, how long do we sit back and watch how low these figures have to tumble before we address this deplorable act of shooting birds and we have them removed from this equally deplorable list of quarry species and afford them the protection they deserve.

Curlew. Brian Rafferty.

How tragic that because of a bunch of 'Rambo's' who's enjoyment and desire is to kill these creatures, is also robbing us all of the evocative sounds of spring of the Curlew and Oystercatcher in addition to the Snipe and Lapwing also mentioned in this depressing survey. Also tragic is the fact that whilst the BTO and RSPB are quick to publish figures like these whilst claiming the results are crucial to understanding the causes of why bird species are declining, they should now address another one of the contributors to this decline which they failed to do in this report, that of the freehand to shoot it....'cos its on the list'.

Oystercatcher Marc Heath

Talking of evocative....I think the image below has featured on Birds2blog once before, but - of its kind - this has to be one of BR's all time greats, the light on this brilliant photograph of the Lapwing chick is simply stunning.

Lapwing chick
Lapwing. Brian Rafferty.

Thanks for the photographs BR ....I appreciate them very much. Thanks for the Oystercatcher too Marc, also very much appreciated.   


Marc Heath said...

That Golden Plover shot is superb. I wouldn't mind a shot like that.

Pete Woodruff said...

BR will be pleased to see your comment and thanks for looking in Marc.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. More disturbing news re our breeding waders !!
Thanks for the images and many congratulations on your Lune Estuary article for Birdwatch magazine. Take care.

Rohrerbot said...

You had me a Lapwing! Great shots!

Warren Baker said...

They wont stop shooting until extinction takes place - then they will blame the Raptors!

Marc Heath said...

Congrats with the article in Birdwatch, just gone back through and found it. If you look on the page before you will see a Grey Phalarope photo I took.