Sunday, 1 July 2012

A little bit of history.

Digging into history recently I found some interesting records of birds ringed in Cumbria.

Dunlin Antonio Puigg 

Like the Dunlin ringed 38 years ago at Priory Point in May 1974 the ring of which was found 3 years later in France in July 1977 in the pellet of a Long-eared that is interesting.

Sanderling David Cookson

And the Sanderling ringed in East Germany in October 1976 and controlled less than a month later in November at Vickerstown, Barrow-in-Furness. At the time this individual appeared to indicate the origins of the winter Walney flock. 

Oystercatcher Flight
 Oystercatcher Brian Rafferty

In 1977 an Oystercatcher recovered on Bear Island, Spitzbergen had been ringed on Walney Island 8 years earlier in 1969 and was then the most northerly Oystercatcher ever obtained by the Walney ringers.

Turnstone with Knot. Pete Woodruff.

And a Turnstone ringed at Walney Island in August 1970 was found over 6 years later in Morocco, December 1976 adding to other exceptionally interesting recoveries of autumn-ringed Turnstones at Walney and found in Africa, Canada and Greenland.

And finally....If you don't like a bit of 'softy stuff' - like the man says on the television when he's talking football - if you don't want to know the result look away now'....

Swallow Warren Baker

Swallow youngsters with the Ahhhh factor....Thanks WB, brilliant, and thanks to AP/DC/BR, also brilliant. 

And away from the birds, if you haven't yet come across GJ's day at the zoo then please give yourself a treat HERE 

Birds....they fascinate me in a million ways. 


Warren Baker said...

Always interesting to see where birds go to and come from Pete, they really are wonders to behold :-)

PS glad you like the young Swallows - that's all I could find to photograph today!

Mike said...

Very good image of the Razorbill. I invite you to browse my blog.