Monday, 23 July 2012

Going to the dogs!

But some positives too.

Look, I'm bloody annoyed here and it's unfortunate I have to begin this post like this, but I've been to Cockersands today - amongst other places - and it really is 'going to the dogs'. Things were looking good for some scrutiny of the waders on Plover Scar, OK it wasn't exactly heaving with birds when I arrived but that's not the point, ten minutes after I got there three 'people' with three mutts arrived and guess what....yes they headed straight for Plover Scar, and not just headed for it but covered the entire area with these three animals....I give up and I'll shut up.

Now the positives....

Conder Green started me off on a high with at least 21 Common Sandpipers counted and I know I'm repeating myself here but....Conder Green is second to none in our recording area in the Common Sandpiper stakes at this time of year. There was actually little else of note but c.20 House Martin were around River Winds. 

Spoonbill. Copy Permitted.

The Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock produced a Spoonbill - the very bird is pictured above - at the Conder mouth at 12.40pm. Not too surprised at this sighting as the bird has been in the area a day or two, but a nice record for me all the same. Also noted, 2 Spotted Redshank and a Greenshank.

At Cockersands where I had an excellent opportunity to find perhaps an American/Pacific with c.65 Golden Plover until the pillocks highlighted above came on the scene, the scar was also occupied by 7 Whimbrel, 95 Oystercatcher, a solitary Knot, and 3 Dunlin with just 4 Eider off here.

Tree Sparrow. Pete Woodruff.  

Whilst here today I did at least have a good count for a change, of c.50 Tree Sparrow and a solitary Greenfinch. One of those healthy walks to Bank End was well rewarded by another one of of those smart Mediterranean Gulls, this one a second summer bird and the result of a sift through a couple of hundred other high tide roosting 'gulls'. 


Warren Baker said...

Pete, I would say, without Dogs in my world my life would be 100% more enjoyable :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Warren....I knew you'd have something to say on this one, much appreciated.

I try so hard not to descend into using 'bad language' on Birds2blog, so hard that I've succeed in not doing so as yet, but....

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Peter.. I like tree sparrows .. Smaller but very beautiful ... Very grateful for your comments .. a hug

Colin Bushell said...

Drives me nuts as well Pete. Try Marshside here on the Ribble - dog walkers on the saltmarsh (no birds), dog mess on the footpath (no dog walkers clearing it up). Beats me why they walk their mutts in some places when there's plenty of more sensible places.

Colin (responsible dog owner).