Monday, 18 January 2016

Little Stint. Conder Green. 18 Jan 2016.

Little Stint. Conder Channel. 18 Jan. Stuart Piner.

A few days ago I went off on my circuit at Conder Green travelling light minus the telescope. At the time - and not for the first time - I had promised myself I would never do that again, thinking I'd see some distant bird and not be able to identify what I had found, with optics a mile away in the boot of a car, in any case birding without a telescope isn't really birding at all.

Today I set off on the circuit fully armed and ready for action - if there was going to be any - and arrived at a decent viewpoint looking downstream on the River Conder from the old railway bridge. Nothing to get excited about initially, but this soon turned out otherwise when I got my eyes on a small wader which instantly wasn't a Dunlin. I made two quick mobile calls, one of which was for some support and confirmation of what I had was a Little Stint.

Many thanks to SP for the confirmation it wasn't a Red-necked Stint - erhum - and the much appreciated collage.

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Martin Jump said...

A great find Pete,and fully deserved for all the time you spend on your local patch.