Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Depending on a phone call I might recieve in the next hour, I may or may not get off birding later today. Otherwise I've been derailed once again, meaning no birding and hard to keep Birds2blog afloat....not at all good for my mental state.

Avocet Simon Hawtin

But I was pretty chuffed when I got an e-mail with this brilliant image attached of the equally brilliant Conder Pool Avocet and four chicks on Sunday morning. Your'e too kind Simon, thanks.

Incidentally, a record I'd forgotten was of 2 Avocet on Conder Pool 3 June 2014....well blow me over!

Common Sandpiper Noushka Dufort 

I've been checking my records and noted some dates for Conder Green on a couple of species we're about to find there hopefully in the coming days. Last year the Common Sandpiper had returned to Conder Green three days ago on 18 June, Iv'e yet to see or hear of any back there this year yet. 

Thanks to Noushka for the Common Sandpiper, a superb photograph of this bird showing underwing to excellent effect.

 Spotted Redshank Antonio Puigg  

Last year the Spotted Redshank didn't return until the late date of 7 September, in 2014 it was back 10 days from now on 1 July....all very interesting and has me looking forward to the good times.

Thanks to Antonio for the excellent juvenile Spotted Redshank.

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