Friday, 17 June 2016

Aye Aye Skipper!

Having seen the report of a young Common Tern on Conder Pool on Tuesday, I decided to go take a look for myself on Wednesday afternoon. 

 Large Skipper Male/Female. Pete Woodruff.

But first I took to the canal tow-path at Thurnham Mill and walked to go under the A588 road bridge, at the far side of which I eventually counted 14 Large Skipper all basking on the vegetation with outstretched wings, at which point it started to rain. Lucky for me I was able to take shelter under the bridge where I had to sit out a violent storm which lasted almost an hour with some serious heavy rain, thunder and lightening. 

Large Skipper Male. Pete Woodruff.

After the storm it was no surprise only one of the fourteen Large Skipper could be found, and equally no surprise it was no longer basking with outstretched wings, but gave me a good opportunity to study the underwing markings of a male. 

The storm having passed through, and having escaped the confines of the bridge, I went to look over Conder Pool and saw both adult Common Tern one chasing the other in flight around the island, I've no idea what this was about, but there was no sign of any young. The Avocet were both present and were seeing off an Oystercatcher which had gone too close to the nest, also a pair of Teal were of note on the pool, as was a drake Gadwall, 2 Wigeon, a Great-crested Grebe, and c.40 Lapwing

So no evidence for me of any young Common Tern, not seen there yesterday, and I've seen no other mention of the bird to date, but hope to see reports of a result from the Avocet in the next couple of days.

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