Friday, 9 June 2017

Not So Flaming June.

Being in the area on Wednesday morning, it seemed a good idea I went to Heysham where, apart from the fact the howler was too much of a howler for my liking, it turned out not to be a good idea at all. 

Having checked the outfalls to find nothing beyond a 100 mix of Black-headed, Lesser Black-backed, and Herring Gull at No 1, and a lesser number mix at No 2, I did think I'd got some compensation in finding a Mediterranean Gull on Red Nab, only to see in zoomed views, I'd done nothing of the sort....

Leucistic Black-headed Gull. Luke Geraty. was a leucistic Black-headed Gull. So if you're going to check the gulls at Heysham!!

Thanks to Luke Geraty for the image, Luke is here on Twitter 

So I drove to Conder Green to see 4 Avocet and two young on Conder Pool, which as far as I'm concerned are the surviving two from the only hatched birds to date which I found on 22 May, three other adults were still sitting on Wednesday. Some confusion here though as I've seen one report on 30 May claiming a young bird bigger than the other two from a different nest, odd, being only one nest has hatched from four. A few Swift and 2 Sand Martin were over, and in the creeks 115 Black-tailed Godwit seen.

To be honest I was at a loss where to go now, it was high tide on the Lune Estuary which is deserted anyway at this time of the year, and Cockersand was a bit of a no go with the howler still strong, so I decided to visit Mr and Mrs G at Crook Cottage to see how they both were, and got their permission to stake out in the garden, where I was pleasantly surprised to find 5 Tree Sparrow with two young being fed, House Sparrow with at least two young being fed, Goldfinch with a juvenile, and a juvenile Robin, all being excellent breeding records from the garden at this delightful cottage at Cockersand.

Not so flaming June, but it's dried up and a bit of sun though still windy again today, so I'm off for a couple of hours around the Lune Estuary again. 

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