Sunday, 18 June 2017

Another Two Hour Job.

Just time to have a nosey into the situation on Conder Pool on Thursday where I found 4 Avocet adult, three young were seen as just one of the older two, and two golf ball chicks from the nest at the left edge of the island where one egg still remained.

Things will have changed by the time I get to Conder Green again probably not until Tuesday at the earliest, other reports will differ from mine and yesterday morning was the best example of this, when one report was of four adult Avocet and just one young, whilst another reads twenty Avocet, seen as ten adult and ten young, and goes on to suggest the possibility of five broods....Now the inside of my head is chaotic!!

Common Tern Chicks Conder Pool Pontoon 15 June. Pete Woodruff.

The three Common Tern chicks were active on occasions, but were left on their own a couple of times, and more surprisingly during the forty minutes I spent here no feeding activity was seen at all. One adult returned to the pontoon just once having the other adult and young all begging to no avail. 

Curlew Conder Pool 15 June. Pete Woodruff.

Two Curlew had returned to Conder Green, and I counted 47 Black-tailed Godwit still on the pool, with a few Redshank, 22 Black-headed Gull, and 6 Tufted Duck.

A wander along the coastal path to Glasson Dock produced, 4 Small Skipper, a Red Admiral, and Speckled Wood. The Lune Estuary was void of anything of note save 2 Avocet which were by the Conder mouth. 

Large Yellow Underwing. Pete Woodruff.

An abundant large moth, the Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronubahas a variation of colour and pattern. I caught a glimpse of the attractive yellow hindwings as it flew off. Thankfully I hadn't injured the creature as I disturbed it from beneath the undergrowth in our garden yesterday. 


Martin Jump spoke to me on the phone yesterday and told me of what appears to have been a disturbing criminal act at Preston Dock, where at least 50 spikes of Bee Orchid have been mowed down to leave the area like a bowling green. 

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Richard Pegler said...

Horrified to hear about the Bee Orchids, Pete. OK, so it's not as dire as taking the life of a living creature. However, the person responsible needs to be brought to book.

Best wishes - - - Richard