Tuesday, 6 February 2018

In The Picture.

You may have seen in the comments section of my last post - 'Third Time Lucky' - on Birds2blog, take a look at it Here

In fact I did indeed take this shot of an Iceland Gull through the fence at Heysham Power Station. Rather remiss of me I must say, though at the time I was unconscious to the security breach I was committing.

I think as a responsible birder, it's a duty that I come clean on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that it's pretty irresponsible to point a camera to take photographs at a highly secured Nuclear Power Station, as a warning to other birder/photographers, some of which are no more than self centred pricks, intent on getting a better pik than anyone else, which they always fail to do anyhow.

There's some sound advice and a warning about the consequences of photography at this location Here  

Whatever you do....Enjoy your birding.

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Pete Marsh said...

Hi pete. They can close the access if they want from ocean edge to the harbour waterfall area but I always liaise with them during regular birder influxes for white winged gulls, Sabine’s gulls and wwbtern etc and I think it is reasonable for them to ask that cameras are not pointed through the fence. Inevitably there is always the odd “no one tells me what to do” loner who can’t cope with this “restriction” but fortunately these are few and far between and in two cases don’t go near the place now after being spoken to by the patrols. Long may this access stay open and news put out at this site. Before it closed I was working at kings North in Kent and there was a Caspian gull on the outfalls alongside but outside their security fence. I put it on the pager and within three hours was phoned up and told to remove it otherwise I would not be allowed back on site. Bearing it mind a much higher national alert than then, Heysham power stations are very good although you are predictably and reasonably being watched at all times