Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hunt The Celeb's.

There's little purpose in this post, other than to point out a failure to find the birds. 

Against my better judgement, I decided on a 'Hunt The Celeb's' on two dates, there having been a selection in the Heysham Harbour area recently, with a list including....

Glaucous Gull
Iceland Gull
Little Gull
Mediterranean Gull
Brent Geese

Wednesday 24 January was my first failure date. The session started in good style and an encouragement to move on to my hunt at Heysham Harbour, when I soon found the Chough and Stonechat at Half Moon Bay. But 2 hours later, and in pretty difficult windy conditions and a gust almost blowing me off the south wall and into the sea at one point....I found bugger-all.

The hunt on Tuesday 30 January for a repeat 2 hours at Heysham, also had the same miserable 100% failure rate when again I found bugger-all. Imagine, not one bird from seven possibles, despite constantly grilling, including in excess of 300 mainly Black-headed/Herring Gulls at Red Nab/Outfalls/Harbour. Ironically, this day ended as the first attempt had started on 24 January, when I went to see the Chough and Stonechat, and found them both again within 15 minutes of arriving at Half Moon Bay.

Wot No Birds & No Piks

Most of lifes rewards can be found in birding....that's my take on it anyway.


Marc Heath said...

A good list I wouldn't mind hunting down there Pete. The lean times will soon be over. Migrants are probably on their way as I write and soon we will be in birding heaven...... Hopefully.

Pete Woodruff said...

Perhaps a Wheatear in around six weeks if I'm lucky....What a lovely thought.

Have a good weekend Marc.

Justin I. Kearns said...

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