Monday, 5 March 2018

A Little Short, A Little Sweet.

Not least because of the weather, a break of six unwelcome days from birding hit the buffers with a brief spell yesterday afternoon.

Once again I talked KT into a walk, this time at Heysham to find 4 Stonechat, one of which was the wintering female again at Half Moon Bay, where we also saw the Chough in flight. The other three were two smart males and a female at the south corner of Ocean Edge saltmarsh, presumably three of the five reported to me on Friday.

Well, the man did say....Short and Sweet.

I'm also aware of at least six more Stonechat in two more areas I'm fast becoming aquainted with, and I'm off right now to find these and hopefully add some more to the list.

Thanks to Simon Hawtin for the Purple Sandpiper header. A rare and irregular winter visitor and spring passage migrant, of which I have no idea of it's 2017 status in our area, but just three records in 2016, all off Heysham Harbour North Wall, and all within 8 days in April.  

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Marc Heath said...

Just a short note Pete to say as well as my Kent dragonflies blog, I have started a NEW BLOG at Herne Bay Downs in north Kent. I hope you can pop in from time to time to take a look and maybe follow. Thanks.