Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Murky Short List.

The damp murky weather did nothing to enthuse me on Friday, but undaunted off I went to find 2 Avocet on Conder Pool loafing at the left edge of the island, one preening the other dozing. Otherwise 13 Tufted Duck, 7 Black-headed Gulla few Redshankand noisy Oystercatcher with their resounding shrill calls, a Greenshank was in the creeks.

At Cockersand, at least 1,000 Golden Plover seen from the road, in flight over the abbey and appeared to go down onto the shore, Five White Wagtail were on a flood, 35 Linnet seen, c.30 Meadow Pipit, 2 Dunnock, a Stock Dove, Skylark seen/heard, and a pair of Shoveler still on the flood. A casual count resulted in at least 20 Brown Hare seen today.

I called in at Glasson Dock to find just 5 Eider of note on the Lune Estuary, and to find birds of the day which were my first c.50 Swallow hawking and drinking over the canal basin.

Local Goodie.

No permit for the photograph on Birds2blog, but a Black-headed Wagtail on Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve found yesterday, still there this morning....Here


Findlay Wilde said...

Is 20 Brown Hare a good count? We used to see Brown Hare all the time at one of our nearby stewardship farms, but I haven't seen a single one so far this year which is a bit worrying. Cheers, Finn

Pete Woodruff said...

Not difficult to find this number of BH's in this area Findlay. Certainly a 'bit worrying' that you found none this year at your stewardship farm. I'm intending a piece on Birds2blog about the BH, watch this space.