Thursday, 26 February 2009

Quick wizz round....

....or the wild goose chase!

With an appointment to keep early afternoon, I just had the morning to devote to my birding interest's in order to stave off any risk of depression which always takes over me with the lack of it. JB and I set off hopefully to catch up with the Bean and W F Goose on Jeremy Lane but our hopes were short lived as the 'geese' here had decided to move away from the lane to the rear of the fields beyond and mainly hidden from view, the result was a start to the morning on a 'dip'....oh dear now I've started using 'twitching jargon'. In a nearby field 36 Whooper Swan's were seen and on Moss Lane there were 2 Bewick's Swan's and 4 Whooper Swan's.

A run down the A588 to check out the geese in fields opposite Sand Villa resulted in observing on our arrival a 'nice' man in a Land Rover driving through the field directly towards 4,000+ Pink - footed Geese and whatever else may have been with them with the result you've already worked now we are into our second dip.

By now I'm looking at the time - bearing in mind my appointment - and on the way back to Lancaster a look in at Conder Green produced a Spotted Redshank, a solitary Black - tailed Godwit, and a suprise in finding at least one female Stonechat still here.

So I'm back home less than three hours after leaving there and not much less depressed as I would have been if I'd never bothered going out in the first place....Ah well!

If you're acquainted with Leighton Moss you'll recognise the pic which was taken many moon's ago - when I was more of a 'honey potter' than I am today - from the Jackson Hide looking towards Crag Foot.

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