Monday, 2 February 2009


Not quite snowbound but reckon I'd have struggled to get out of our road in the car so threw away the keys for the day and walked to Glasson Dock along the coastal path.

In Aldcliffe I saw c.40 Redwing. When I get to the old railway crossing on this walk I usually go right to Freemans Wood but decided short on time so turned left and noted a Grey Wagtail and Dunnock to Stodday where a Raven went to perch on a pylon and instantly annoyed a male and female Peregrine Falcon. This was a first record for me as I never saw m/f together before for size comparison. I probably saw up to 45 Blackbirds on the walk - the one on the right isn't one of them I took this at Clapham - including 11 feeding together under the same hedgerow with 2 Redwing, 25 more Redwing were seen at Conder Green with a Song Thrush to note. Flying east - a bit too distant for ease of ID - were 25 'geese' which I regarded to be Greylag, they were accompanied by a 'white' goose which again I regarded to be of the 'farmyard' type (PFG and a Snow Goose....Whoooops).

Also at Conder Green the 2 Stonechat seen here again, 2 Greenshank, a Grey Plover, 3 Little Grebe, and a Reed Bunting were noted.

On the Glasson Basin, 16 drake Pochard continues the increasing number here come the females are never to be seen? also a Little Grebe and 2 Great-crested Grebe.

On Jeremy Lane, c.200 Golden Plover, 6+ Fieldfare, and a Dunnock to note.

The pager had already told me earlier in the day 'no sign' of yesterdays Black Redstart but I took a non intensive look at Fishnet Point (you can't do serious birding with just a pair of binos round your neck) to confirm no sign for me either.
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