Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Dull Day.... more ways than one.

Well the car cost me another £100+ today with two new tyres required. So whilst the man at the tyre centre fit them and made the bill out I walked from Greyhound Bridge to the Aqueduct Bridge not taking any serious note at the weir other than an obvious drake Goosander and 2 Dunnock. Just after the Aqueduct I had excellent views of a singing male Blackcap and heard up to 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Buzzard were also overhead, and 3 Swallow passed over and are the highest count of the species for me so far this year.

I went to collect the car - new tyres and all - and after cringing whilst handing out the 'dosh' decided its perhaps time I paid a visit to the 'honeypot' by way of a change. Well I'm aware of the risk of loss of 'birding' credit at such an undertaking but its good to live life dangerously once in a while. However, I'm not sure why I'm going on like this because I saw absolutely nothing from the Eric M'cbe Hide which hasn't already been well documented by JW who I had a pleasant chat with whilst there.

Well that's it really, hardly worth a post to the blog and probably put anyone and everyone off every visiting it again. And on a personal level my last days birding until next Tuesday if I can deal with the withdrawal symptoms until then!

As for the pic, well I really was compelled to post it as it saddened and sickened me in equal measure just a much as it would have done the man who is credited with the picture of the Kingfisher and many more images up and down the River Lune on the Millenium Walk. Nothing more needs to be said about it is there.

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