Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Straight into the highlight of the day (with JB) which was at least six White Wagtails in company of a similar number of Pied Wagtails in the second ploughed field west of the slipway at Fluke Hall. Confusion always sets in with this bird but without getting bogged down with headache inciting details I usually try to get to grips with two characteristics of the race as a starter to ID 1) The black crown and bib are always separated in the White whereas in Pied the black is always continuous from crown to bib. 2) The other most notable difference between the two is that in the White the flanks are always 'clean' and pure white. There are other details which lead to the ID of this bird but now its becoming bloody boring so......back to the beginning.

At Conder Green looking towards the Lune Estuary from the picnic area, similar numbers to yesterday of Bar/Black - tailed Godwit driven in quite close on the high tide giving excellent views (recommended birdwatching), also noted were c.12 Turnstone a species I'm really not aquainted with at this location, just a couple of Grey and Golden Plover's, and there were far fewer in number of Redshank and Knot and very few Dunlin to be seen. A Little Grebe and 2 Red - breasted Merganser were also to note.

On Conder Pool 2 Little - ringed Plover, 3 Spotted Redshank, a Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, and 3 Goldeneye appear to be the only ones left in the entire area. At Cockersands which by now was entirely water, c.20 Eider was half the number seen here yesterday and the only other record produced here today was a Sparrowhawk staring me in the face from the tree where I had expected to see the Little Owl behind Lower Bank House.

A visit to Bradshaw Lane produced 2 Wheater, and a quick look in at Bodie Hill gave a Little Egret on Glasson Marsh.

Well I do keep saying I'm running out of bird pics so heres one of the Wall Brown butterfly another reminder of things to come.


Pete Marsh said...

Interesting comments on alba wagtails. Were they male Whites accompanying female Pied or both sexes of White accompanying both sexes of Pied? Thanks.

Pete Woodruff said...

An interesting question Pete which unfortunately I cannot answer, with time spent on these birds - which were very busy feeding in the ploughed field - just sorting out and counting what were White and what were Pied in a damned annoying wind on the coastal path, not an easy task but an excellent record worth the effort. There was 14 'alba' in total at least 6 of which were definite White's.

Good to see you're taking a look at Birds2blog now and again, much appreciated.