Thursday, 30 September 2010

Keep On Plugging.

OK, so I was faced with a little household problem this morning which seriously interfered with my birding plans for the day, well not so little actually, in fact the problem needed immediate attention, and it not only interfered with my birding plans it actually buggered them up completely for the life's not all that good after all, and to make matters much worse tomorrows weather looks like rhyming with 'trap'....

But here's a pic or two to be going on with....

Marsh Harrier. Dennis Atherton. 

An excellent photograph of the female Marsh Harrier which Dennis captured at Leighton Moss where the birds are well established as summer visitors which breed here. They are scarce but regular as passage migrants at sites beyond the hunting territories of the Leighton Moss birds. Thanks for the pic Dennis.

Kingfisher. Brian Rafferty.

Ah well....we've had Kingfisher pics on here before but not this one I reckon and in any case you never tire of seeing Kingfisher pic' you! Thanks for this Brian.

Slavonian Grebe. Phillip Thomson.

Well we ain't had Slavonian Grebe on here before and this image of one is as good as they come. The species is a rare visitor to our area but as I recall one was a long stayer on Pine Lake from 18 October until 10 December in 2009 during which time I enjoyed good views of the bird on more than one occasion. Thanks for this Phillip.

Unfortunately we now have the choice of whether or not to dip into some more 'gloom' but the truth is we all have a duty to 'Keep On Plugging' these terrible crimes against our wildlife and in this case - yet again - our birds, one thing for sure....we can't ignore it. 

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