Thursday, 9 September 2010

Off The Road.

OK, now I've no intention of labouring this first part of today's blogging efforts but things ain't looking good at the moment, either for me and my birding or Birds2blog 'cos I got this bacterial infection in my chest (not good)....anyway that's dealt with that, not material for a bird blog and perhaps a good way to loose customers. But at this point I'm not prepared to shut down, so meanwhile do take a look at these brilliant photographs.

Cuckoo. David Cookson.

Now I know we've been down this road before, but I really recommend you take a look at DC's website HERE to read a comprehensive account and see some excellent images of his visits to see the juvenile Cockoo which gave a rare opportunity to many birders to observe this creature at close quarters and experience - amongst other things - it's ability to take caterpillars from a 30ft dive off telephone wires at a 100% success rate.

Cuckoo. David Cookson. 

When you visit David's website you'll see this guy doesn't 'give in ' easily and with rewards like these pictures you might say who would....Thanks once again for allowing these on to Birds2blog David, in this case  I'd say determination and patience are the keywords and you seem to have an abundance of both.

Burrowing Owl. Colin Bushell.

CB is off on his travels again and finds himself in Brazil at the moment and here's an example of the kind of birds he's seeing on his trip there. The Burrowing Owl - like all it's relations - hunts mainly at night however, its not on it's own amongst the 'owl' family in also hunting during the day, they nest in burrows the likes of which the Prairie Dog excavates which are found in grasslands or any open area with low vegetation. Thanks for this Colin, enjoy the rest of the trip, I honestly can't see how you can fail to. If you wish you can keep up  HERE with Colin's travels both here and abroad. 



Warren Baker said...

well thats not good news pete. Hope you recover quickly mate !

Pete Woodruff said...

An improvement in my condition today Warren, thanks for your concern.

KT (Mrs W) says it's not 'the end of the world' my not getting out birding....a question of opinion I think!

David Cookson said...

Get well soon Mate.