Friday, 7 January 2011

Birding Notes.

I have decide to 'pass' on my records for today and leave them to JB who has posted them on the LDBWS website. As always his records will far exceed mine in their comprehensiveness whilst I take time to make some notes on the four hour event.

Nothing which follows is to be seen as ungrateful or critical just some truthfulness and an opinion, but I must say today's birding - which got off the ground at 10.00am and ended four hours later at around 2.00pm - was a little 'scrappy' to say the least, add to that the fact we lingered nowhere and you end up with a disappointing few hours birding.

If I'm really honest I think BT was working to a timetable today which I - nor JB as far as I know - knew anything about. To start with we did the days birding in reverse of the norm and started at the feeding station on Bradshaw Lane. Now whilst taking in a feeding station on a days birding may not be 'My Kind Of Birdwatching' I do think these stations are almost essential to the welfare of the birds, even more so given the recent severe weather we have had recently in the UK when undoubtedly many will have perished through the cold and starvation. I also hold those who maintain these areas in high regard and with admiration. From here we went to Fluke Hall where we lingered little, nor did we at Pilling Lane Ends to view Pilling Marsh for no more than five minutes.

 We then drove to Cockersands where I must record my bird of the day as a female Stonechat, being one of three  - Conder Green/Fluke Hall/Cockersands - I'm aware of in our entire recording area. OK, if I overlooked - or don't know about - some of this winters Stonechat records that you know about I'd love to hear about them. We had our 'butties and cuppa' here, followed by a short drive to spend five minutes on Bodie Hill, another five at Glasson Dock and Conder Green.

Chaffinch. Phil Slade

Another couple of notes from today was at least 100 Chaffinch on Gulf Lane. I can't recall the last time I saw a hundred Chaffinch in one flock.

Linnet. Phil Slade  

The other note is about the set-aside at Cockersands which still holds up to 90 Linnet and which prompts me once again to comment on the value of this small area which has obviously attracted these birds to stay at this food source of winter seed and most certainly helped them against the threats of starvation....would it be asking too much for more set-asides in the countryside for the benefit of our birds.

We were home again by 2.10pm, I was a little disappointed about the half day....perhaps I'm becoming hard to please! 


JWBateman said...

Hi Pete Fair comments no I did not know BT plans for today.

Warren Baker said...

Not hard to please pete, if you're going out for the day you might as well do it properly :-)

As for more setaside, well the farmers/landowners just dont like the untideness of it. Look how much countryside is just made up of a green, well mown field, all neat and tidy !