Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Road Of Gloom.

I make no apology for taking Birds2blog down this ever lengthening road of doom, gloom, and tragedy. But if you prefer to avoid a fit of depression then you'd better steer clear of this one. Though if like me your preference is to face the truth and think to yourself 'can I do anything about it' then you've really got to read this, and if the sight of the Hoopoe doesn't bring your eyes close to tears, and another photograph below 'a heap of Blackcaps ' doesn't bring yourself to at least a little anger, then I'd suggest you make some attempt at changing the way you see things.

So, if you've decided to go for it then this is the way forward.... Bird trapping in Cyprus

Barn Owl. Phil Slade

This time I owe you two apologies, firstly for yet another Barn Owl picture, and secondly, following the picture is another tale of gloom which I didn't plan to post but have some tragic info regarding the Barn Owl and the harsh weather of this winter. 

Over the years 130 boxes for Barn Owls have been put up across East and North Yorkshire, following the harsh weather we had recently, out of 25 boxes visited 25 dead Barn Owls were found resulting in the possibility of 80-90% of this local population being lost. The suggestion is made that, should the same harsh weather return this winter it may mean a recovery period of 10-15 years. Please visit Robert Fuller  for the full story apart from the fact it's an excellent blog to visit at any time, and can always be linked to via my sidebar.  

Once again I offer my regret to have to fill the page with such doom and gloom....but we must always face the facts.

I'D SOONER BE BIRDING!....and hopefully will be tomorrow.


Warren Baker said...

The first story is an utter disgrace Pete, I would say more but don't want to fill your blog with my right wing rantings :-(

The second story is a tradgedy, but the way Barn owls breed, they could make a rapid come back, if we give them somewhere to live !!

Pete Woodruff said...

Good replies here with my thanks for letting me know you noted the two tragic tales Warren.

Too many so called 'birders' give me the impression they care little - if at all - about these issues, particularly the ones in far off places like the one in Cyprus.

Still trying desperately to stick to the no controversy policies on Birds2blog.

Phil said...

The Cyprus story is disgraceful for sure. there is something in the argument that UK and European birders should go there (as they do in large numbers) and show that birding is a side of tourism that should be encouraged and that the locals should disassociate themselves from barbarcic practices that harm eco-friendly tourism. In any case we should all support Bird Life and all organisation trying to put a stop to such practices.

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent response Phil....much appreciated.

I once volunteered to stand outside a travel agents shop in Lancaster on behalf of 'a society' about an issue I fail to recall....they didn't respond and never spoke to me again, they have a 'softly, softly' approach to everything which never works.

God....I just broke the Birds2blog controversy rules!