Wednesday, 24 October 2012

'Bits' fill the gap.

Yesterdays ten Twite at Cockersands gave me the added bonus of experiencing the birds at close range. I had initially seen these ten birds in typical bouncing flight from a distance as I walked towards Crook Farm and immediately supposed they could be Twite. Just after I confirmed my suspicion they disappeared from view but I soon found them at the edge of a small pool behind the banking separating the field from the road and high tides. 

Creeping up on the birds from below the bank I was able to observed them at close range eventually having the privilege of watching them with interest as they bathed on the edge of the pool to later leave the water to preen their feathers in the necessary way that birds do in order to maintain good plumage condition. This turned out to be one of the many added interests we can have with the birds if we watch them closely enough and cautiously stalk them to gain a good advantage point without disturbance to them.

And a couple of pics....

Red Deer Gary Jones

Gary paid a visit to Leighton Moss recently, he got there early morning before the sun rose and the mist was still around to achieve this brilliant image of the two young stags creating a stunning picture oozing with atmosphere....Thanks for this Gary, an excellent image with my appreciation as always.

Lapland Bunting Marc Heath 

Marc has recently had the enjoyment of at least three 'bonus birds' one of which was this brilliant little 'Laplander' yesterday on the shore at Coldharbour in Kent. I think the Lapland Bunting should be a feature on Birds2blog sometime soon....Thanks for this Marc, yet another excellent image - where does it all end - my appreciation once more.

The Stone Jetty Morecambe. Pete Woodruff.

Morecambe on the Med. Pete Woodruff.

Last Friday KT and I had to go to Morecambe in the afternoon which gave me the opportunity to  have a stroll along the promenade....with my binoculars round my neck of course. I think the weather was as good on the day as any other we have had during this summer of 2012 and to be honest it was like being in the Mediterranean as the couple of pics I took with my mobile show.

I decided to give a 'plug' to Bob Bushell  who should be an inspiration to us all. If you've already visited his website via this link please be sure to view his Profile 

Birding again tomorrow hopefully, but certainly can't be for a few days after that I'm afraid.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice appreciation of the Twites Pete, I can only dream of such a species turning up here, but I always check any winter Linnet flocks - just in case :-)