Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wild Goose Chase!

Going to roost
Pink-footed Geese Brian Rafferty

Not really a wild goose chase - but couldn't think of a title - but an absolute minimum of 18,000 Pink-footed Geese on Pilling Marsh this mid-afternoon was impressive. Of course we've seen it all before and more, but they really are a sight. Despite grilling these lot three times I found nothing with them save 6 Greylag. Also noted well out on the marsh, 7 Whooper Swan and 3 Little Egret. At Fluke Hall another 3 Little Egret and distant uncounted waders, Bar-tailed GodwitGrey PloverKnot and Dunlin.

But the day had started a few hours earlier at Conder Green where I found 6 Little Grebe on Conder Pool, the number having increased by one, also on here a drake Gadwall is a 'possible' first for the pool, a Common Sandpiper was on the terrace and reasonable to assume this is going to be the/a wintering bird, 35 Teal also noted. In the creeks 3 Spotted Redshank and a Kingfisher seen briefly in flight. On the coastal path c.50 Goldfinch and a Goldcrest, two birds together at this sighting but they moved on and escaped me before I could ID the second one.

Little Egret
Little Egret David Cookson  

At Glasson Dock, the Lune Estuary was on a 'quiet time' whilst there today but just to contradict that comment up to 1,000 Golden Plover here as was the 'early' adult Whooper Swan, with 2 Goosander and a Little Egret to note. From Bodie Hill 32 Wigeon noted....Not quite the conditions I saw any of my Little Egrets in today, but this one is brilliant....Thanks David.

A brief visit to Cockersands before I had to retreat to the motor to escape yet another heavy squall then get to hell out of the place fed up of waiting until it passed over, 3 Wheatear, 2 Eider drakes, 2 Red-breasted Merganser, and two skeins - both 55 - Pink-footed Geese going south. 

On my way back to Lancaster I called in again at Conder Green where I met Andrew Cornall who told me there had just been a Barn Owl hunting, nice one Andrew and thank you for the info. 

Mega....The latest is of a Myrtle Warbler found yesterday on Dursey Island, County Cork, Ireland. An extremely rare vagrant, though the last one was found just two years ago 10 October 2010 on Inishmore Island, County Galloway, Ireland.  

The Myrtle Warbler is the only Yellow-rumped Warbler that has occurred in Britain, its close relative Audubon's Warbler has never occurred. 

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