Friday, 7 December 2012

A Diversion Too Far.

To be honest I really think this 'gap filler' between my birding is taking things a little too far, but at least its clean and funny....well I thought so.

An elderly man was stopped by the police at 2.00am, they asked him where he was going.

The man replied....I'm on my way to a lecture about the effects of alcohol abuse, smoking, and staying out late.

The officer said....And who will be giving the lecture at this time of night.

The man replied....My wife.

But these stunning threesome are a diversion back to birds....

Crested Tit Ana Minguez  

Unless you live in Scotland its necessary to travel up there to see this delightful bird which is to be found in the ancient Caledonian pine forests and Scots pine plantations. The Crested Tit of the family Paridae, was first recorded in Britain in 1648. 

Firecrest Marc Heath

Another little beauty is the Firecrest, a species I only ever had a glimpse of several years ago at Marton Mere in Blackpool when two birds were suspected and subsequently proved correct. I look forward to having views half as good as these in this image. As opposed to the Crested Tit this species has never bred in Scotland and the first record from here wasn't until one found on the Isle of May in 1959.

Black Redstart Noushka Dufort

A brilliant image of a brilliant bird the Black Redstart. I was never more pleased than the days I found two of these birds over the years, one at Fluke Hall, the other at Cockersands where I convinced myself you've just got to keep on plugging away at an area to reap the rewards.

Thanks alphabetically to, Ana/Marc/Noushka for three brilliant photographs of three brilliant birds....'clik the pik' to be really impressed.   



ray said...

The Crested Tit is a big big problem for the growing army of Obbers .... birders who are trying to be the fastest to see all the birds in the Observers Book of Birds but they have to be spotted in the order in which they appear in the book!! The current record is 483 days, but is widely disputed. I've been at it for 78 days and I'm still stuck on Hooded bloody Crow.

Adam said...

funny joke

Alan Pavey said...

Nice post Pete, i think i've attended one of those lectures, most enlightening :-) Great pics too!

Pete Woodruff said...

Ray....An informative comment as usual and good to see you are still looking in on Birds2blog which - by the way - is in permanent danger of 'going under' because of other pressures and little birding these days.

Adam....One of my regular subscribers now and thanks for that.

Alan....Thanks for being her again. I don't think I'm ever going to be the 'elderly man' again. I'm often referred to as 'old, bold, and past it' these days and not capable of alcohol abuse, smoking, or being out late anymore....all a bit sad really.

Warren Baker said...

Most of us have attended one of those lectures - some of us didn't learn a thing though :-)

Christian said...

It doesn't get better in Crested Tit photography! Wow. Cracking joke too.

Thank you for your very kind appraisal of the Barn Owl shot, Pete.

Pete Woodruff said...

Looks a bit of a high flyer the old fella at the wheel....don't you reckon Warren.

The Barn Owl was worthy of the appraisal Christian.

And by the way Alan (Pavey).... that's 'Thanks for being HERE again' not 'being HER again'.

Noushka said...

Nice pics you chose from Ana and Marc!
But the one that got me laughing is the old man driving! Hope he doesn't have to drive far! LOL!
Cheers Pete!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

haha!. How nice the joke .. Very cool post. thanks