Thursday, 20 June 2013

Read All About It!

A nice June day weatherwise on Tuesday, I decided to walk from Conder Green to Cockersands and return, it was nine miles and took me six hours at a dawdle....Good to be alive.

Peregrine Falcon Martin Jump  

Having first done a circuit of Conder Green, I hadn't been on the coastal path long when I noticed a mass panic of waders on the Lune Estuary. I reckon more than 50% of the time this is seen you can't find the culprit, but this time I picked up a Peregrine Falcon very soon followed by a second bird, so the spectacle which ensued was a fantastic double aerial display of these masters of the air. A chase which lasted several minutes left me realising you can never really say a bird pursued by these falcons doesn't stand a chance, these two as a team singled out about three birds all of which actually out-manoeuvred them to escape with their lives, but inevitably a Redshank eventually became the victim of one of these feathered missiles. Iv'e witnessed all this before, but it never fails to excite and often feels like it was more spectacular than the last time. Thanks for the image Martin....brilliant.

Nothing spectacular about the walk but an enjoyable exercise on a beautiful day noting, an immature male Goldeneye on Conder Pool, a Raven over, a singing Reed Bunting, 2 Whitethroat, a good number of Swift around, and at least 130 Mute Swan on the Lune Estuary. 

On to Jeremy Lane then Moss Lane to Cockersands, birds to note, a Sedge Warbler, 2 Whitethroat, 2 Jay, 6 Skylark, 6 Wren heard, and a Kestrel. Notable were c.18 'hirundines' distant - but not Swift - purposefully flying south, 6 Tree Sparrow of which 2 were seen out of context on the shingle below the headland, and 14 Eider counted off Plover Scar on the lowest of low tides I ever saw, looking out to sea was more like looking out over desert sands. 

Kestrel Noushka Dufort   

Having seen a Kestrel yesterday and in the search for a decent photograph, it wasn't possible for me to ignore this stunning one of the female and five young in the nest on a narrow window ledge in France. Noushka....Another brilliant photograph which looks even more brilliant - as does the Peregrine Falcon - if you 'clik the pik'.   


Richard Pegler said...

I can picture the scene with the two Peregrines, Pete. It must have been an amazing spectacle to watch!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Good morning Pete! .. You chose two fantastic species .., Congratulations .. Good day ..

Warren Baker said...

A nine mile hike, fantastic Pete :-) Glad the weather is better where you are!

I hardly noticed those Kestrel chicks in the photo, so well camouflaged!

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard/Ana/Warren....Thank You.

Yes, fantastic species Ana, and not one Peregrine Falcon but two on the attack Richard. And yes, nine miles Warren.