Sunday, 2 June 2013

Licensed To Kill.

But to start with, a stunning image....

Black Kite Noushka Dufort  

....of the Black Kite in flight through the woods. A stunning raptor which had the distinction of almost being at the top of the 'not accepted' list with the BBRC until it was removed from the rarities list in 2005. The first County of Lancashire record of the Black Kite was made in the Dunsop Valley in Bowland in April 1989, another bird - a flyover - was at Aldcliffe Marsh in June 1999....Excellent Noushka, Thank You.

Buzzards Again. I've nothing better to do but to post a couple of images and put three pretty straight forward and uncomplicated question before you which I already put before myself.

Is it ever right to kill a protected bird of prey (or destroy its nests) to protect a surplus of non-native birds bred purely for the 'sport' of shooting.

Shouldn't the public have been consulted out in the open on this kind of decision, as opposed to it being made privately in some shady corner. 

How are these people - note no names this time - who think they have such power in their hands, going to deal with other such connected issues concerning birds of prey and other wildlife....Well we will have to wait and see won't we.

And to end with....

Montagu's Harrier Marc Heath

There's no evidence of the Montagu's Harrier ever having bred in Lancashire, but as a bit of an irony, a female was shot in the Whitendale Valley in Bowland by a gamekeeper in 1889 - nothings changed - which was reported to have had a brood patch. Of the few reported in the county since the mid 1940's only a hand full have been fully documented and it is likely that a number of those related to the Hen Harrier. A male was reported at Leighton Moss in May 1969, followed by a bird at Carnforth Marsh 11 years later in May 1980.

Thanks for your image of the 'ring tail' Marc, I'm very envious of your sightings of the Montagu's Harriers in Kent.  

I'D SOONER BE BIRDING!....and looking good for some this week.

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