Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back To The Lodge.

The Marshaw - Tower Lodge - Trough Bridge area actually, and my sixth visit on Tuesday since the first on 3 May. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather have done on a nice sunny day than to check out anything new since my last visit here on 5 June. I decided to note in my little black book every bird species seen this time - something I'm a little remiss in not always doing - and some not seen which I will elaborate upon at some other time. But two species to note now which I didn't see were the lone singing male Pied Flycatcher and the Cuckoo/s, both/all of which will have made their moves south no doubt.

The species count seen was 19....

Common Sandpiper
Mistle Thrush
Pied Wagtail
Grey Wagtail
Spotted Flycatcher 
Willow warbler
Great Tit 
Wood Pigeon

Marshaw Wyre. Pete Woodruff.

If there's a success story on the Marshaw Wyre in this area its the 11 Grey Wagtail seen this visit with 12 seen 29 May, presumably good breeding numbers though Iv'e not lingered to confirm. The Oystercatcher are also breeding up here again this year with at least one young seen, 4 Common Sandpiper were seen as two pairs also breeding, 5 Mistle Thrush seen.    Five Redstart and 3 Siskin were excellent, though numbers hardly impress particularly with respect to the latter. I was here 1.5 hour before I heard my first Willow Warbler and heard only two more after this, 2 Nuthatch.

Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher David Cookson

I had  hoped  for more but  only found 5 Spotted Flycatcher, with two seen as a pair the reality is of a possible four pairs this year. Brilliant image of a brilliant bird....Many Thanks David.

Small Heath - Reculver - 5/8/11
Small Heath Marc Heath 

Birds aside, 7 Small Heath butterflies were the obvious best sighting of the day....Another brilliant picture Marc.

And finally....Joining the 'Cull Club'.

If you are reading this and your'e a 'gull' on the Ribble Estuary, whatever you do steer clear of Warton Aerodrome as another license to cull you and a few hundred other relations has been issued to avoid the risk of air strikes by the aircraft in the area....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!    


Martin Jump said...

A wonderful place to spend a days birding Peter,even though it;s been a little disapointing this year with one or two species.

Warren Baker said...

19 species sounds a bit low Pete, but I suppose it depends on the size of the area covered and the time spent out :-)

Noushka said...

Lovely photo of the brook, Pete, and great choice of pics again!
Congrats to authors!
Yes, I just read about the gull culling and very angry.
Keep well!

Martin Jump said...

Peter forgot to mention I saw a cuckoo at Harris End on the 19 of june.