Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What a way to earn a living....

....Title taken from the 9 to 5 Dolly Parton hit song. Don't like her or the song, can't stand wailing Country and Western stuff, but that's another matter!

Well you can't take a look at this guy 'cos I aint got a pic of him and if I had I wouldn't be publishing it on Birds2blog, nor have I any intention of putting his name on here either, but....I do have a picture of a beautiful Buzzard which I have great delight in posting on Birds2blog.

Buzzard. Copy Permitted. 

As for this fella....well he's from Cumbria, his occupation is that of a gamekeeper - what a way to earn a living - who is involved on land managed by a private shooting syndicate also in Cumbria. OK, are you sitting comfortable....then we'll begin.

He actually pleaded guilty to charges of the killing of Buzzards. A cage trap containing five live Buzzards was found by members of the public. I've found these traps many is the time in the Forest of Bowland and elsewhere, for the record I object to them. The traps were on land managed by the shoot, but unfortunately I have to say, these traps are lawful and are used to control certain 'corvid species'. However the rules are, if any non-target species get caught in these traps they must be released as soon as possible unharmed.

A covert camera was set up at the trap site the day following this discovery, the footage showed this very gamekeeper in Cumbria engaged in what he's truly paid to do when he was seen to enter the trap and - be warned this is when it becomes nasty - commenced beating two Buzzards to death with a wooden stick which he did calmly as if it was a routine operation to him.

A subsequent search of the trap site revealed the remains of other Buzzards clearly indicating that the killing of these birds at this site had become a regular practice. What sounds like another tasteless pun - but really isn't - here's the sting in the tail....This guy got off with a 70-day jail sentence, concurrent on each charge, but wait for it....suspended for 12 months.

Little wonder people bring themselves to make comments like, 'he should have had a suspended sentence alright....from a gallows'. My personal opinion is that I think these sentences in cases like this one actually go to encourage these people to continue to practice their evil acts, they certainly don't discourage them, and I think you'd be hard pushed to deny me that one.

OK....lets brighten up and lighten up the blog with a brilliant image of an equally brilliant bird....

Red Kite Brian Rafferty     

Thank you for this BR, like I said....BRILLIANT.



Richard Pegler said...

I've never been a violent man, but when I read stories like this I feel like I want to give these people a taste of their own medicine. If I'd witnessed this in person I'd have been very tempted to take up a stick myself - and you can guess the rest!!

Adam said...

great shot of it in flight

Pete Woodruff said...

If you come across the video - its available - of this evil man committing his evil crime against these birds, and you intend taking a look at it, make absolutely sure your prepared for it Richard.

David Cookson said...

Pete I could say a lot here, but I prefer to say it to him via a letter.
This is a matter of public record...
Colin Burne, of 7 Winters Park (Carlton Road), Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RE

Pete Woodruff said...

David....Your'e absolutely correct and I appreciate your comment and thanks for looking in.

Here we have an example of my taking the policy too far in avoiding naming names on Birds2blog, this is a matter of public record as you rightly say.