Friday, 6 September 2013

Another Anti Raptor Brigade.

From the point of view....publish far and wide....I was pleased to see this image and some accompanying comments/opinions on a fellow birders blog recently. It's a sticker inside the rear window of a vehicle seen on occasions parked up at the bottom of Aldcliffe Hall Lane by someone either a member of the RPRA (Royal Racing Pigeon Association) or a supporter.

Jon Carter passes similar comments and opinions as I would have done had this been my sighting and subsequent posting on Birds2blog, for that reason there's little need for me to add anything to what has already been said about such misinformed and dangerous anti raptor propaganda. The wording on the poster oozes nonsense and is hilarious whilst worrying, and illustrates how dangerous such people and their mindset really are. Please take a look at one persons view on all of this, hopefully reflecting yours HERE  

A couple of images portraying raptors in the light they should be portrayed in, much more so than the one in the back of 'our friends' vehicle above.

Sparrowhawk Portraits Of Nature 

The brilliant male Sparrowhawk kills to survive....we don't have to. Thanks for this Gary, excellent as always and much appreciated.

Hen Harrier Simon Hawtin 

And the stunning male Hen Harrier which also has to kill to that a problem. Thanks for this Simon - sorry to repeat myself - excellent as always and much appreciated.

By the way....

The Red Grouse/M and S issue hasn't gone away or died a death, trading standards are checking them - and their silence - this space.


Richard Pegler said...

I'm afraid that, in this world of ours, there'll always be warped and uninformed minds. Our job is to make sure that the effect of these is minimised so that their influence doesn't get out of control.

Posts like this one from you help to keep us on our toes - thank you Pete!

Christian said...

Don't people realise that the presence of a Sparrowhawk is an indicator of a healthy, thriving, songbird-rich Eco-system. What a shame that people are so misinformed.

Humans - nature's enemy:

1. Raptors
2. Badgers
3. Who is next?

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard/Christian....Many thanks for your response on this one.

We have to thank JC who put me on to the dangerously 'misguided one' which I decided to bounce onto Birds2blog. Best to give these people as much publicity as possible in my view.

Sharon Whitley said...

Great post and beautiful sparrowhawk - it was probably this same bird that caught a little dunnock in the garden a couple of weeks ago, amazing birds to watch - they're so quick and I feel honoured to have him visit me. Thanks for using the photo Pete and keep on spreading the word!

Pete Woodruff said...

Sharon....Just to say thanks.