Saturday, 21 September 2013

Harbour And Honeypot!

With BT yesterday I was asked where should we go, having run through the 'what's about' routine for him he suggested we go to look for the Bonaparte's Gull at Heysham, then on to Leighton Moss to do some 'honey-potting' to see if any of the recent 'goodies' were still around. Why not was my reply thinking to myself....well after all its birding so what the hell! 

Although the aforementioned Bonaparte's Gull and Little Gull were both reported on Red Nab, we experienced a 'dip' even though I sifted through the birds present on Red Nab two hours before the high tide at least six times. There was of course a result with 12 Mediterranean Gull seen, of which I noted juvenile, 2nd winter, and adult birds, also 2 Sandwich Tern being an adult and juvenile, a solitary Bar-tailed Godwit, and at least 2,500 Oystercatcher, 32 Pink-footed Geese went over south.

Cormorant Ana Minguez 

On the old wooden jetty, 61 Cormorant counted, c.150 Turnstone, and a 'few' Redshank noted. Many thanks for the Cormorant image Ana, they actually have a certain glamour about them in your photograph. 

Avocets in flight
Avocet. Astland Photography.

At the Eric Morecambe Hide at Leighton Moss, 2 Avocet still lingering here, with a long distance Curlew Sandpiper and 5 Greenshank seen, also c.700 Black-tailed Godwit were a little behind the peak count of 850 seen recently here. Also of note, 8 Ringed Plover were also long range birds and the likelyhood of claiming a Little Ringed Plover with them wasn't possible at the distance, 2 Pintail and uncounted Wigeon, Gadwall, and Shoveler....And a good time was had by all!

Thanks to Peter and Susan Wilson at Astland Photography for the excellent 'coming in to land' image of the Avocets. 

The Cafe First.  

I claimed a first record for myself yesterday on leaving the Eric Morecambe hide, when I took up the invitation to visit the cafe at Leighton Moss for the first time in my life, with good company in the form of six Leighton Moss'ers and some excellent birding banter. Thanks guys, enjoyed it very much and quite a new experience for me. 


Noushka said...

My goodness, It seems like yesterday last time I visited your blog!
And you have been really busy! Lots of great pics you've posted!
On my side, I am trying to take photos of dears these days, not that simple... Much time spent for little success! LOL!
Cheers Pete, enjoy your sunday!

Adam said...

I love the photo of the Avocet

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Good morning pete .. The Cormorant is one of my favorite birds .. Very interesting .. If you look at my new blog post you will see a young european shag .. Off the coast of Benidorm .. I am very happy for having photographed and knowing that is playing back here .. Regards ..

Pete Woodruff said...

Noushka/Ana....I see ALL of both your images and posts without fail and thank you for looking in on Birds2blog.

Adam....The Avocet photograph is brilliant, and I'm pleased you liked it and told us so.