Monday, 23 September 2013

Well....That was Fun!

I left home this morning overflowing with enthusiasm for my days birding in the hope I could get a good six hours in. I arrived at Conder Green - the car drives me there automatically these days - to find yet another increase on Conder Pool with 9 Little Grebe there today, the all time peak count of Little Grebe on Conder Pool is of 16 found there on 18 October 2010. Another increase on the pool was of 6 Wigeon seen, the two drakes on here all summer having been joined by four relatives here for the winter. Eight Snipe and a Little Egret were also to note. Just one bird of note in the creeks was a Common Sandpiper, reasonable to suggest this is a/the wintering Conder Green bird. But hey....Iv'e only been at it for 45 minutes and I get a telephone message which dictates I have to abort the birding and head off back to Lancaster with no other options. 

Well that was fun....I threw my mobile into the River Conder in a rage!! 

Bonaparte's Gull at Heysham.

A visit to Heysham a couple of hours before high tide yesterday drew a blank with regard to the hope of seeing the long staying Bonaparte's Gull, but good views of a 2nd winter Little Gull and a 'good number' of Mediterranean Gull, at least eight seen with 1st winter, 2nd winter, and adult birds present on Red Nab including the Green ringed AKUR seen again, I first saw this individual on 17 July.

Bird Behaviour.

Snipe Antonio Puigg 

An amazing image of the Snipe in a behavioural pose. This is new to me, the first time I ever saw such behaviour by the Snipe. Brilliant Antonio....I'm intrigued.

And finally....You may not remember Mr Gonshaw - 'clik the pik' and you can read the ad much better - who was also featured on Birds2blog, but he's going to be on 'The One Show' BBC One at 7.00pm this evening. Most visitors to Birds2blog will probably see this post too late to view the film, but if you do read this in there.  


Warren Baker said...

Mobile phones - sometimes you can live without them :-)

Sharon Whitley said...

sometimes you've just got to leave your phone at home - or turn it off or pretend you had no signal! Too late for the One show I'm afraid!

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren/Sharon....Thank you for the support, any idea where I can get a cheap mobile from!!

Noushka said...

Well that is an incredible photo from Antonio!
As we see each other regularly, I will try to see if we can go and observe these snipes in a couple of weeks and see if this is a common behavior or what?!!

Pete Woodruff said...

I will be interested in hearing of your findings on this.

Good to hear from you again and thank you Noushka.