Saturday, 16 November 2013

On Tour With BT.

Long time no see BT, so a tour was on the cards yesterday and we started at Conder Green to find in list format.

Common Sandpiper
Spotted Redshank
Greenshank 2
Little Grebe 14
Little Egret 2
Wigeon 9
Tufted Duck 3

On the canal basin at Glasson Dock the Scaup was again with uncounted Tufted Duck, the drake Pochard has been joined by a female.

Goldeneye Simon Hawtin

Not enough time spent to evaluate 'what's about' on the Lune Estuary - on my own I can be here at least an hour often more - but noted were 12 Goldeneye, and the 'regular' Peregrine Falcon squat on the southern end of Colloway Marsh quietly surveying for the next target. From Bodie Hill of note, c.300 Golden Plover, c.180 Black-tailed Godwit, and 2 Goosander9 Bewick's Swan included two juvenile, to make up the the count of twelve Bewick's Swans seen Tuesday, the other three adults were off Jeremy Lane today. On Moss Lane a Song Thrush always good to see.

Greenfinch Isidro Ortiz

At Cockersands, although I walked the headland from the lighthouse to meet BT at the caravan park I drew a blank save 12 Greenfinch which themselves are a good record. A Jay and 3 Little Egret at Pilling Lane Ends, and at Fluke Hall 11 Whooper Swan.

Whooper Swan Behaviour.

Temper, temper....
Whooper Swan David Cookson 

After counting 40 Whooper Swan in a stubble field flood off Fluke Hall Lane a few more came in from the south, soon followed by more until by the time we departed the number had risen to 88 Whopper Swan in the space of no more than ten minutes.

I've witnessed this before in the same field at the same time of day a few years ago when the number built up from just a few Whooper Swans to over 250 individuals. I've observed interesting behaviour many times by these swans presumably gathering to roost, in that they arrive in variable number loudly 'trumpeting', on landing some of the birds begin to display which can be taken as a 'greeting', but I regard the behaviour as a 'threat' display in that wings are quivered in a half open lifted position, the neck is repeatedly bent and extended, and the head nods up and down whilst the birds call loudly. 

Thanks once again to Simon/Isidro/David for the excellent photographs, and to John for the new header of the smart Merlin....the smartest of them all in my book.


Adam said...

cool swans

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Very cool pictures and great header.. Have a nice weekend Pete.. Cheers..

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam/Ana....Just to say thank you as always.