Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pushed For Time....

....for blogging, but I can manage a little time to report seeing a moth and dragonfly at Cockersands yesterday.

Silver Y. Olaf Leillinger.

Silver Y can be found from spring until late autumn, and especially at coastal watch-points in the right conditions, the Silver Y moth can turn up in their thousands and can occur anywhere in Britain. In autumn the breeding population from spring migrants is swelled by further migration and I found mine on the path to Bank End behind the caravan park at Cockersands.

Common Darter. Pete Woodruff.

The Common Darter is probably the most widespread and numerous darter and is common in most areas. In northern Europe it appears from early June and becomes abundant in July. It is one of the last dragonflies to be encountered in autumn and I was a little surprised to find this mature male charging its battery in the sunlight on the wall behind the caravan park at Cockersands just five minutes after I had seen the Silver Y above, they can rarely be seen in December. 

The other rewards for my days birding yesterday to follow when time allows.


Warren Baker said...

Nice Darter image Pete, good to see one of your own efforts :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for the kind comment re my - half decent for a change - pic of the darter Warren.