Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Garden First....

....and an excuse to draw attention to a scam. 

Great-spotted Woodpecker David Cookson 

I got an excited call from KT yesterday when I was at Glasson Dock checking out the Lune Estuary asking me to guess what had just flown off the garden feeders....a Siskin says I, no....a Blackcap says I, no....I gave in....a Great-spotted Woodpecker says she....excellent....and a garden first.

And the scam....well that's what I call it.

From Pete Woodruff
Lancaster, United Kingdom

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Confirm that you know Pete
If you have recieved or recieve an e-mail like the one above which appears to have been sent by me I strongly suggest you bin it. The message has nothing to do with me, I regard it as a scam which appears to be from a professional social network website and is pure garbage as far as I'm concerned. I don't subscribe to Facebook or Twitter and want nothing connected to this set up either and have done nothing to activate anyone being sent these annoying e-mails.

If there's a need for me to apologise for this then I'm doing so now, but please....BIN IT!!


Warren Baker said...

I'm always getting those messages Pete............I always bin 'em :-)

Great Spotted Woodpecker! Know what thats like to have on your feeders!

Richard Pegler said...

Yep, I got one of these purporting to have come from yourself, Pete. As I'd recently (intentionally) had some dealings on Linkedin, and I knew you, I'm afraid that I acted positively to the request!!

I can understand anyone getting excited at having a GSW on their feeders - I always do!!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Wow!!!. What a beautiful Woodpecker.. Congrats..

Noushka said...

Well yes I have received E-mails like this one and don't stress about it, it was not from you! LOL!
I bin them too and I am NOT on Facebook or any other social sh.... Networks, except Google+ and only quite seldom!
Peckers are great birds to see in the garden, try to take pics when you see it again!
I used to go crazy every time I saw photos on other blogs (LOL) until 2 pairs squatted the garden around the feeder! I felt over the moon!!!!
You can attract them with all sort of nuts especially walnuts!
Cheers, keep well!

Martin Jump said...

I`ve binned it Peter,wonderful woodpecker.