Thursday, 13 February 2014

Prince Charming!

OK....This is going to be short, but it's serious and needs to be addressed, and I'd like to put Birds2blog to good use to do that. 

Wild Boar Noushka Dufort 

I had little interest in listening to Prince William and his pop Charles involved in discussions regarding wildlife crime, having just returned from a hunting trip to Spain to shoot Wild Boar, well they shoot wild 'other things' in this country anyway. Actions which are not only hypocritical but which show an absolute disregard for animals and wildlife. 

Out shooting wild animals one minute and hosting a ­conference on wildlife crime the next, you need to ask the question whether anyone can be expected to take these blue blooded guys serious when taking to the platform to talk about how to protect wild animals. But wait a minute....Here's a royal correspondent who likes to have his say in their defence, even though this isn't the first time he's been heard talking through his rear....'Such a trip to Spain is a world away from shooting endangered species for profit'....I think he missed the point don't you.

But we have to give the prince some credit when he comes up with some terrifying facts and says things like....

Rhinoceros Portraits of Nature

'More than 30,000 Elephants were killed last year, amounting to nearly 100 deaths per day. In the past 10 years 62% of African forest Elephants have been lost, and if this rate continues the forest Elephant will be extinct within ten years. A Rhinoceros is killed every 11 hours, and as recently as 100 years ago, there were as many as 100,000 wild Tigers living in Asia, today, there are believed to be fewer than 3,200 left in the wild'.

But these people are all a load of hypocritical 'wildlife lovers' and definitely not to be taken seriously. 

Much more to say on this but....I did say at the top of the page that it was going to be short.

Thanks for the Sanglier image Noushka it is excellent and much appreciated. And thanks to Gary Jones for the Rhinoceros, also excellent and much appreciated,  though the subject matter I used them for is both terrifying and sad


Warren Baker said...

The biggest statements those hypocrites could make, would be to publicly hand over their shotguns to the police, and denounce hunting as a sport.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

And come clean as to who 'allegedly' shot the Sandringham Hen Harrier



Pete Woodruff said...

I second both these comments Warren/Dave.


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Stunning pictures.. Happy Valentine!!!.. ha..

Juan García said...

Muy bien expresado y muy bonita la foto. Enhorabuena 😊
Saludos desde La Retama del Sur

Pete Woodruff said...

Ana/Juan....Thank you for your visits to Birds2blog and your kind comments.

Viva España