Monday, 28 July 2014

Playing The Game.

Excellent news from M&S with a free ad for them on Birds2blog. 

You may remember reading about the issue almost a year ago that M&S were starting to sell Red Grouse in a select range of stores. At the time M&S were taken to task by conservationists and the public at large about the fact they could well be being supplied Red Grouse from moorlands where birds of prey have been relentlessly persecuted in the name of maintaining good stocks of this game bird.

Red Grouse Brian Rafferty

The game bird proved highly popular with M&S customers when it became the first supermarket chain to sell it last year. It was available in two London stores, and M&S had hoped to sell grouse much more widely in some of their other stores. But now they have ceased to stock the game bird on their shelves whilst a code of practice for suppliers is researched.

All this is another small step of many in the right direction of ending raptor persecution on our moors once and for all, and is to be added to three peaceful protests coming up next month on 10 August at Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland, Upper Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, and South Tyne Trail at Lambley, the latter of which is a FULL event with a capacity crowd booked in at the venue.

Hen Harrier. Copy Permitted.

However, on a down note, I recall my claim that an e-petition to 'Ban Driven Grouse Shooting' was an all time best petition with regards to attempting to 'Save The Hen Harrier' and I still maintain that opinion. But as I see it to date this petition is certainly not looking like a success at all. When I looked at the figures for signatures a few minutes ago after being up and running for several weeks now it stood at a mere 9,387.

OK, so there are some who won't want to sign anything which is aimed at banning any method of driving birds towards guns....But where are the one million plus RSPB members signatures on this petitions list who you would suppose are the country's greatest 'Bird Lovers'.

Would you sign the petition HERE please.

Thanks to BR for the excellent Red Grouse, photographed perfectly in its natural environment on Clougha in Bowland, an area I personally know well.

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Warren Baker said...

750'000 of those million RSPB members couldn't tell a Grouse from a Goldfinch. People are the same whether RSPB members or not, that is, they dont care about anything much, unless it's costing them a few pennies more :-(